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Here's How This Software Generated Over $14,500 For My Client In 7 Days
And Pulled In Over $129,500 For The Same Client On "Rinse & Repeat"
Flashsale. Email. Instant Payday.
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Flashsale Formula Features
Agency Level Software
Fully Featured Management System
Easy To Follow Step By Step Instructions
4 Weeks Webinar Training To Get You Started
Marketing Tools
Want To See How Easy It Is To Do This For YOUR Clients And Get Paid Handsomely For It? Read On...

This Really Does Work
As you can see from that video that payday is frequent, in fact every time we send out a series of emails and it really is on "Rinse & Repeat".

Sending emails is not enough. You need something which works consistently .

Thanks to Groupon, businesses and customers are used to Flashsales so it makes sense for them to run their own.

The client you see in the video sells cosmetics and teeth whiteneing products through several daily deal companies.

We all know that these companies usually want between 40 and 50% commission on every sale made. Also customers would visit the daily deal site to buy again at a big discount, so more commissions to pay.

Strategy To Maximise Any Email List
Before working with this client, although he had an email list he would simply send out seasonal emails linking to an offer or a promotion on his site, i.e. Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day etc.

My strategy was to set up 9 deals and over the course of a week send a series of emails. This resulted in £6,000 for the business (approx $9,000). This one week flashsale earnt me £600 (approx $900). I.E. 10% of the revenue generated.

2 months later we did the same thing again using the same deals whilst making some minor edits to countdowns and the emails and have done same every couple of months since.

To summarize, since working with this single client we have generated over £84,000 (approx $129,000)

This has generated for me 10% of that £8,400 (approx $12,900) and has saved the client approx £33,000 (approx. $55,500) in deal network commission. Let's not forget that he gets money in his account immediately after any deal is purchased, no waiting to be paid out.

Believe me when I say,
I Have Tried Every Groupon Killer I Could Find
And not one solved these issues...
The list off issues is probably too long to list all of them but here are the ones which I feel are key to include in a working solution.
  • No Agency Level Software
  • No Centralized Portal
  • No Client Management
  • No Easy Deal Site Management
  • No Automation
Solution: Build Our Own Software
To Address These Issues And With Even More Features & Tools Included!
  • Agency Level Software
  • Client Management
  • Easy Deal Site Management
  • Automated Sign Up
  • Instant Set Up
I decided to see if I could outsource the development of a solution to use with my preferred software to tackle these flaws. About 3 weeks later I decided to approach the owners of the software that I had been using so that I could demonstrate what I had got developed. When I demonstrated what had been produced it was pointed out that whilst there was automation it lacked the client management. John did however see the potential that this offered if those types of features were added to what had been developed. After about 2 months we than had a system which was tried and tested and worked.
Flashsale Formula Has Loads of Powerful Features!
  • Agency Level Software Solution
  • Centralized Portal
  • Client Sign Up & Site Deployment Automated 24/7
  • Easy Site Management For Admin & Client
  • Easy Manual Site Deployment
  • Video Training For Operators
  • Video Tutorials Integrated In Deal Platforms For Clients & Operators
  • Integrated Tool Tips
  • Dedicated Support Desk
  • Webinar & Video Training For Software System Deployment
  • Outsourcer Access Level
  • Foot In The Door Strategy With Free DIY Options For Businesses
  • Upsell To Businesses For Other Marketing Services
In under 9 mins we'll show you how easy this is to install, set up and run Flashsales.
Installation: 1.46 Mins
In this video we cover installation with file manager. it's as simple as uploading a zip, un-zipping it and then going to the install URL and filling in 4 fields.

You can of course use FTP if your host does not provide Cpanel.

Really simple! No MySQL database required.
Set Up: 3.43 Mins
Setting up your account is quick too, just determine your pricing and create a Paypal button, you can even set up trial periods e.g. $1 for 7 days.

Next complete your welcome message, enter your business name, upload your logo and you are ready to go.

You can opt to create your payment button through instamember and even set up a user to also manage your flashsale platform.

Client Side: 3.21 Mins
Now just copy the iframe code from the inside and paste it wherever your customers will be signing up.

In a few clicks your customers can create a link to their Flashsales, register & pay and gain access to their platform. Your system will send them their login details via email for future reference.

Now Check Out How Easy It Is For You Or Your Customers To Make A Great Looking Flashsale

Click to view a dummy flashsale. The payment link has been set to $0 so you can make a "purchase" through Paypal.


Watch how easy it was to build the flashsale you see above in under 9 minutes.

Try Flashsale Formula for 30-Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Flashsale Formula that we are offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…
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"As an offline marketer, I am always looking for something that is 1) Easy to implement and 2) Puts money in my pocket right away. Well, look no more, Flashsale Formula does just that. Local business owners are always looking for ways to bring customers in the door and get them coming back over and over again. This is an EASY sell for any offline local consultant who wants to land a ton of new clients with an easy foot in the door method.
David CisnerosIM Product Creator / Internet Marketing Teacher
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I Create My Own Deals?
In the newly built site are three deals showcasing the 3 deal types plus another template that can be used to edit and save a deal. Additionally we include a number of deals with sample headlines that can be imported to any deal site.

Can I Add Video To My Deals?
Yes you can either add a video below the main headline using an embed code or alternativly add one or more video in the deal tab sections.

Does The Flashsale Software Use WordPress
No, the software is HTML / PHP based, however we do provide you with a membership site that many members use to bill clients and to provide support.

Will This Software Work On Mac Or Linux?
Absolutely, as the software is web based you and your customers can use it from any device with internet access.

Do You Provide Support If I Need Help?
Inside your members area you will find a number of videos detailing everything from installation, set up, and use of Flashsale Formula. We do have a dedicated help desk and do run live Q & A webinars periodically to answer your questions.

Why Do You Charge A Monthly Or Annual Fee In Most Cases For This Software?
This software system is under continued development as it has been already for almost 12 months. Clearly one can't support this type of development without charging a fee. Purchasers are encouraged to give us feedback on any features to add and we will consider whether they will be added.

Does This Support My FB Retargeting Pixel?
Yes, and in fact this is something we cover in out upsell group coaching which details several strategies.